What makes us different?

We are Independent

Did you know that not all Financial Advisers provide Independent Advice?

Only Independent Financial Advisers are able to provide you with completely unbiased and unrestricted advice.

If you want to make sure that your Financial Adviser is truly acting in your best interest and recommending the best financial products for you - then make sure you choose an Independent Financial Adviser.


We are Professionals

Lowson & Company are Lancaster's first and only firm of independent Chartered Financial Planners.

Chartered Status is recognised around the world, as an indicator of the highest standard of professionalism, knowledge and ethical behaviour. There are only around 500 firms of Chartered Financial Planners in the UK (less than 5% of all regulated advice firms). Fewer than 5,000 of the UK's financial advisers are qualified as Chartered Financial Planners (only about 20% of all financial advisers). Wouldn't you rather deal with a Professional?

If you want to search for Chartered Financial Planners in your local area, please click the logo.


We are Experts

All Financial Advisers have to meet a minimum standard of qualification (Diploma) and hold a Statement of Professional Standing with a recognised professionaly body. Only a minority of financial advisers go on to acquire a higher level qualification.

If you come to us for advice, your Financial Adviser will have a Statement of Professional Standing, with the Chartered Insurance Institute. They will have passed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (a Degree-Level Qualification) - far exceeding the minimum requirements . These qualifications and commitment to a code of conduct and programme of continuous professional development - allow them to use the Chartered Financial Planner title.

Lowson & Company can also have additional expertise in certain areas - such as Pension Transfers. These services require special permission and authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority and are not available from the vast majority of Financial Advisers.

You should always ask a Financial Adviser for their Statement of Professional Standing and Qualifications - to make sure you are dealing with an expert.


We can actually manage your Investments

You might think that all Financial Advisers would do this - but, in actual fact, only a very small minority of Financial Advisers can manage your investments.

Most Financial Advisers can recommend and arrange investments for you - but can only make changes to those investments on an advisory basis (as and when they review your investments). For many firms of advisers, this might only be once a year (or even less frequently).

Managing Investments reuquires expertise and additional permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority - which are beyond the capabilities of most Financial Advisers

Lowson & Company have the expertise and capabilities to offer a more comprehensive discretionary Investment Management service - so we can have a direct involvement in managing your portfolio and therefore more influence on the outcome.


We will charge you fairly

If you have a lump sum of money, some advisers will charge you a percentage of the amount you invest. This means that, the more you invest, the more you pay - even when the amount of work involved might not be that much more. Here at J H Lowson & Company Limited we will only charge you for the amount of work we do. You won't pay more for advice just because you have more money to invest.

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